Blaise S. Landers
Current appearance of Blaise.
Some attributes
Birth date May 2nd, 1995. (Age: 18)

(Zodiac: Taurus)

Appearance Slender, short (4"9), long hair dyed purple, purple eyes, pale skin.
Relatives Parents, younger brother (to be edited).
Other attributes
Jobs Cheaply paid American "Rockstar", and regular highschool student.
Home Town To be edited.
Languages English is Blaise's first language. However, she has taken German and Japanese classes: she is fluent in Japanese and knows brief German.
Alliances Blaise originally only had an alliance with her guitar, however, she has now recruited a few domesticated demons and an ally who goes by the name, "Blake Samuels".
Enemies Anyone who gets in her way. (to be edited)
Rivals Blaise has a few, one of her biggest rivals is Blake Samuels, and any Cait Siths she may find.



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