Marcus Amsel
Marcus Amsel's most recent look.
Some attributes
Birth date July 17th, 1993 (Age: 20)

(Zodiac: Cancer)

Appearance A slight slender build standing at a full height of 5'9". Sporting long unkempt red hair and pale skin colour.
Relatives Unknown
Other attributes
Languages English
Love Interests None
Alliances He holds shaky alliances at best with the demons he's forced to serve under him.
Enemies His enemies are the demons he slaughters for sport and pleasure.
Blake is a bitch.



Marcus is violent by nature. He takes pleasure in the demon hunting abilities to do his newfly found demon buster status. He also has a certain interest in collecting the demons he hunts and those he finds an interest in collecting he forces under him. The demons that are forced to serve under him he extorts for gifts and items. Despite his sadistic tendencies he manages to work aside his demon buster partners semi-well despite an antagonistic relationship Blake Samuels.

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